Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Secret Lair : Lair Production Art

This is my secret lair for my arachnid secret agent. After recent discussions and some suggestions during a Photoshop lesson I feel I have developed my lair to a higher level and have been able to include creepy elements.


  1. This already feels much more ancient and atmospheric Rosalyn. I'd suggest researching crypts and catacombs. Start looking at how you can make things feel a little more real and full of history. Then, create a new layer and begin to refine the image with more attention to those little details, like textures, and building materials. How sand would lay against forms and rim lightings would affect the edges of everything. The fabric could suggest detail of a history and have more texture to it. Just another pass of detail and history would make this feel alive.

    1. I didnt even think of the history part actually, I was so hooked up on the culture side of things, thankyou :)