Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Online Greenlight Review - Space and Environment: Secret Lairs


  1. Hi Rosalyn.... quick point - you have 'Occupation - Pakistan', which I suppose technically could be right, as that is the space she occupies, but it sounds more like it's her job you are referring to :)

  2. Oh yeah derr! Ive done that before got the living area and job title mixed! will get onto it :) Thankyou

  3. OGR 09/11/2013

    Morning Rosalyn,

    Thanks for being so patient :)

    I really like the way you've used the scorpion idea to give you a clear geographic sense of place, so that, in production design terms, you can now draw on lots of cultural reference for your lair. I like to the blend of mysticism and 'secret agent' - very rich. I suppose the current weakness of your proposed 'secret lair' is that, while it communicates something of the ethnicity of your character and outlying world - the 'arachnid' element has all but disappeared. In truth, this could be an interior of a rather lovely hotel or sitting room, so I think you need to put some of the especial nature of your character's origin back into the lair. There are a number of ways you might think of doing this; for example, why not turn a photograph of scorpion into a silhouette, and then layer/combine/mirror the silhouette until you start to see architectural forms. I predict right away that by mirroring and multiplying the arc of a scorpion's tail, not only will you begin to produce archways and vaulted ceiling imagery, you'll also re-produce some of the arcing shapes synonymous with the architecture of your location. Put more simply, you might want to try deriving the interior architecture of your lair by using scorpion anatomy as a) floor plans b) structural components. The other thing to consider is emulating the scorpion's near-machine like structure; the way it's body is made from segments, almost like complex jewellery, or like a suit of armour; I can imagine how an interior similarly constructed from interlocking, over-lapping components might evoke your arachnid element more satisfyingly.

    What I like is the warm, sensual elements of the lair - this is not a monster's hiding place - but you do need to push your Scorpion imagery back through the design and orientation of your interior space - otherwise things will be largely generic, and your environment will not be 'about' your character in any clear or graspable way. In terms of your thumbnails, no 18 is already an improvement on the one you've so far taken forward, because it feels more secretive, enclosing - and yes, organic.

    In truth, I don't understand how the urn/pot/vase is functioning as a hero-prop for your character - it feels a bit passive to me to truly be a hero prop - and again, the 'arachnid' element has fallen away again. It seems logical to me that, somehow, her poison/sting is a key element of her character, so I'm wondering if her hero prop should connect with this ability. I'm wondering that, if you took the decision that she had 2 forms - that she became her 'Scorpion-centaur' self only when she wanted too/needed to - perhaps she triggers her transformation by drinking scorpion venom or similar? The idea being that the 'trigger' for her transformation is indeed her hero prop?

    Short version? More scorpion!