Sunday, 3 November 2013

Mise en Scene Film Review: La Belle et la Bete

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  1. Some valid comparisons between the idea of beauty as shown in both this film and previously, 'King Kong' - well done :)

    Your illustrations list is much more informative now that you have the titles for the images; in your next review make sure that you put the titles under the actual image too, just so that your reader is aware of what they are looking at (important when you are comparing various films etc). Also, double-check which bits of your list need to be in italics, and which bits need to be in brackets.
    Your quotes are perhaps a little on the brief side; you don't need to just stick to other people's reviews of the film when looking for material to support your discussions. For example, you might have been able to find someone who had written about the aspect of beauty in 1930s/40s film. Try and broaden your research - the library has loads of material on film criticism, so take a look up there :)