Thursday, 24 October 2013

Space Oddities : Alien

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  1. Interesting observations regarding the comparisons between the 'safe' human environment and the 'hostile' alien one, Rosalyn :) All in all, a concise and thoughtful review...
    Just referencing to nail down now - you are nearly there!
    If possible, put a title in to your bibliography and/or illustrations list. So for example, your quote by Buckle, comes from an article with the title 'Critical Analysis: Alien (Ridley Scott, 1979)', so your reference should look like this (excuse the lack of italics, I can't do them in the comments box!)

    Buckle, A (2011) Critical Analysis: Alien (Ridley Scott, 1979), At:, (Accessed on 24/10/13)

    The title of the article should be in italics. The illustrations list follows a similar pattern, with the title and where the image was from in italics, the date in round brackets and the medium (ie film still etc) in square brackets.