Saturday, 5 October 2013

Space and Environment: Thumbnail sketches 41-56

These are my digital thumbnail sketches. I have tried to focus on the 'Hall of Bright Carvings' here as I would like to paint the emerald horse with the challenge of early evening light. I personally like number 56, I feel the composition works effectively and hopefully once in colour the stone statue will dazzle with the correct amount of light. In all honesty I'm not 100% satisfied with the designs here but 56 has potential to be a key thumbnail, I will come back to this room later to try and improve upon it.


  1. Hey Rosalyn, I like how you added details to each of your thumbnails. Eg 42 - 44, you added details to each so you could see which one of it works best. Great job on that! I am liking number 46 because the lighting and the perspective is working for that composition! :) Just needs a bit of shadow of the horse so it doesn't seem to be floating though :)

  2. Working on Gormenghast myself, it's interesting to see your ideas process and composition in regards to lighting. I particularly like 41 as it really brings out the texture of the walls.

  3. Hey! I really like 41 from this selection. I can imagine a rim light bringing out that horse to the left and the light streaks revealing floating dust! Awesome work :) Keep going!