Thursday, 17 October 2013

Space and Environment, Artist Research : Caspar David Friedrich

Through feedback it was discussed that I should look at the Romanticism German painter Caspar David Friedrich.
Portrait of Caspar David Friedrich 1810
 German born landscape artist Friedrich was typically known for his paintings that featured silhouette-like figures facing a beautiful or sinister environment, whether this be a pastel chromatic skies or abandoned and unkept ruins. Friedrich liked to paint the natural landscape but instead of copying it he would interpret it, wanting his creations to evoke a particular mood or feeling to his audiences.

Der wanderer uben den Nebelmeer (Wanderer above the sea of fog) 1818

Abtei im Eichwald (The Abbey in the Oakwood) 1808-1810
When designing the landscape around my castle I thought of marshes or possibly murky shorelines. With Friedrichs work now in hand I feel I can further and develop my work to a more effective outcome. I hope to achieve the same or equivalent amount of atmosphere he has been able to deliver to his audiences.

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