Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Photoshop : Research/Thumbnail Exercise

In the last Photoshop lesson we were given three 'Lair Titles' and had restricted times to find reference/source images and then sketch out ideas as an impulse.

The Secret Lair of the SteamPunk Explorer
As soon as I saw the word SteamPunk I immediately thought of Treasure Planet. I like how rusty and mechanically characterized this style of art is instead of new, futuristic and the use of 'shiny' metals.

The Secret Lair of the Gaelic Golemn
By using my prior knowledge (or what I know of) the word Gaelic came very naturally to me, I knew it was to do with Scottish/Irish origins and with this in mind I tried to apply it to a production I had seen, and of course 'Brave' came into place. With the large stones in the film I tried to do something similar in my thumbnails as I feel they have an odd admiration about them.
The Secret Lair of the CandyLand Huntsman
With the CandyLand theme I couldn't help but look at the different productions of 'Willy Wonka/Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' to see how and if they had sweets being sweets or sweets being man-made products, such as lamp posts or fences. I thought briefly about my character as a stag due to my interest in old tales; 'Herne the Hunter' who was a man with a stags head who acted as the guardian of the forest. With brightly coloured themes and a stag I then started to imagine the 'land' and the stag as a reindeer pondering in a Santas Grotto.
*Unfortunately, due to a combination of issues in Photoshop and my slight carelessness to not save in multiple places, I am unable to open my thumbnail sketches for my CandlyLand research.

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