Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Online Greenlight Review

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  1. OGR 10/10/2013

    Hey Rosalyn,

    Firstly - a nicely presented document - and I like very much the way you presented the key elements of your excerpts. I like too how you're using real world reference (leaves!) from which to derive your colour palettes etc. It's clear to me already that you're a focused, determined student, so this OGR is encouraging. That said, there is something a bit woolly about your 'visual concept'. While you're able to cite multiple influences, there's no one production design idea driving the look of your world, at least not one you've been able to crystallise here. Your three key thumbnails do indeed have a unifying aesthetic - greenish and gloomy, damp and dank - but there's also something a little generic about your castle, for example; that castle is an opportunity to think like an architect; 'why' does it look the way it does? My understanding of the castle in the novel is that it has a very tall tower, for example, something like a 'finger' if memory serves? Right now, your thumbnails are evocative paintings, but not yet 'production design instructions' and this is something you need to consolidate. Likewise, the 'room of roots' is a more congested space - a more surreal space if you like, and I'd like to see you thinking a bit more creatively about this interior. The same is true for the 'hall of bright carvings', which right now is a 'corridor with a horse' - don't misunderstand me, I know these thumbnails are you getting some stuff figured out, but I'd suggest your thinking too generally about these things - too generally about the castle (think like a Gormanghastian architect!), too generally about those tree-roots and the labyrinthian interior they'd create, and too generally about that horse (sculptured by a Gormanghastian craftsperson). For further inspiration in terms of bringing something fresh and striking too this world, take a look at the following references for some bold production design and gothic mood!


    Notice how the style bleeds through into everything!

    Also keep in mind that general rule re. composition of nicely immersive and dynamic scenes; in both the roots and the carvings thumbnail, you've got foreground elements on the left, light entering through a window in the background on the right - and nothing very much in the middle. Try and 'fill' your spaces more, especially for the roots and bright carvings scenes as it seems to me the appeal of those fantastical spaces is their clutter and sense of being 'inside' a place.

    What your thumbnails convey very strong is atmosphere - great - but I suggest you concentrate now on keeping genericism at bay by building a quirkier universe of style, form, and shape. You're not just painting - your designing a universe for animation; things can get broader, more theatrical, more stylised, more illustrative, more graphical, more eccentric. I'd like to see you really focusing on that wonderful castle - and when you've worked that out, you should have more ideas about bringing further interest to those interiors. I think you could have a lot more gothic fun with this; watch those animations and you'll see what I mean! :)