Sunday, 29 September 2013

Space and Environment: Thumbail sketches 1 - 24

These are my first 24 concept ideas as thumbnail sketches. Here you can see I have mainly focused on the scene of the burning sculptures. I would like to challenge myself with low and high lights, such as the glow of the flames or natural window daylight.
My favourite ones from this group are 1, 15, 21.
Apologies for the low quality.


  1. Some of these are really good :) i personally like no.1 the most.

  2. Hey it's good to see you playing around with perspective :)

    And I also remember how hard it was for me to draw it. For a clearer perspective view you could perhaps try using maya to figure out the different angles and draw on top of screenshots?

    Use very basic shapes like cubes and circles to give you a better idea of your space. Just a little thought :P