Saturday, 28 September 2013

Concept and Illustrator Artists


It took me awhile to decide on a concept artist as I adore so many. From time to time I have a 'new favourite' however, James Gurneys' work I keep going back to. Since discovering paleo-art and not just looking at them as science material, but pieces of art, I began to dig deeper into which artists use dinosaurs in ways we haven't seen before.


'Morning in tree town'. (Right) I like the scale contrast in this piece and how these creatures seem to be playful and connect with young children.

'Canals at Night'. (Left) I admire the colour palette used in this piece as it is very complimentary. I also like how he has influences of culture in there; from the details of european architecture to the Asian-style dino boat.

I can definitely say that these two artist illustrators have been my main source of inspiration for a long time. Both of which have been issued in Imagine FX twice, which is where I discovered Jennifer Healy. I then started following their work on deviantart, and here I found Anna Dittmann.


Her two pieces here 'Crown' (right) and 'Costellation' (left) are just some of my favourites. I love how her images have a dreamy and delicate feel to them, also her use of colour gives off the right mood and tone that she is aiming for.
I think I admire her work even more so as I haven't seen something like it before and would love to achieve this level of technical skill and personal flair.


From her sketches to her final designs I am always intrigued to see her workflow. I like how she puts beauty in a contrasting environment, for example; 'Beauty in the Beast' (right).
Jennifer Healy has been a great influence on me as now on occasion I'll swap my graphics tablet for colouring pencils.
'Perseverance' (left).


  1. Great to see this Rosalyn, James Gurney is a great source of inspiration and information. Remember to keep looking on CG Hub etc to find new artists. The more you see and be inspired by, the more you learn :)


  3. me again!